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Monkey Grandma Web Designs provides web and graphic designs. Our specialty is the design of affordable family and small-business websites with a clean and professional look.

Customized eCommerce Monkey Grandma answered the call again. When Design Your Own Rosary needed more than just an off-the-shelf eCommerce solution, Monkey Grandma Wed Designs came up with the perfect solution. Our design allows customers to select pre-made products or to design their own custom rosary using a simple, step-by-step interface. The final product will be hand-crafted by DYOR's artisan.

Our Third State! When Arizona physician Michael Bruno needed a website, he contacted Monkey Grandma Web Designs. We now service customers in three non-contiguous states (Tennessee, Ohio and Arizona). Dr. Bruno is known for his right-leaning political commentary. His strong support for the current President of the United States led one of his friends to label him "The Bush Doctor." Monkey Grandma Web Designs created a site where he can post his political opinions through a weblog at and created a Public Forum where others can post their opinions. Dr. Bruno's site is scheduled to go live on July 1, 2006, but you can take a sneak peak at the design and layout now.

Monkey Grandma Web Designs provides personalized service at generic prices. We specialize in getting the most out of free and open source software, and we gladly pass that savings on to you.

Web Design Services

We offer three categories of websites:

Small eCommerce Sites eCommerce sites are designed to sell merchandise on the internet. Our eCommerce sites will manage inventory, sales, customer database, and other similar aspects of the business. In addition, all purchases are made using a "shopping cart" interface.

Small Business Sites We will design sites for businesses that need an internet presence but do not need to sell merchandise over the internet. These sites can be used to distribute information to actual and potential clients. In addition, we can provide tools (calendar scripts, weblogs, etc.) that can allow you to use the site to help manage some aspects of the business. We can design "restricted access" areas of the site so you can control who has access to the non-public areas of your site.

Family & Personal Websites We offer a range of website designs for families and individuals. Whether you want a place to showcase family photos or give frequent updates to far-away friends and families, we have a package for you.

Visit our portfolio page to see examples of some of our recent clients.

Learn about our low-cost pricing options and see that we can provide a site for you that meets your budget needs.

Other Services

At Monkey Grandma, we can provide you everything you need to get your own website up and running. In addition to web design, we provide the following services:

Custom Graphics We pride ourselves on our graphic design. For most web sites that we design, all of the custom graphics are included in the original cost of the site design. In rare cases some graphics may require additional work and/or software and may require a surcharge. We also will provide custom graphic design for your other needs. Our prices are always reasonable.

Animations Our philosophy is that animation is used far too often on the web, and in most cases it is unnecessary. Nevertheless, it does have its place. We can provide basic animations for a small fee, but we always provide our advice for free.

Custom Programming We can provide custom scripts and programs for almost any basic need. Most websites do not require any custom scripts, but if you have a need, or if you just want to add some fun to your site, we can provide a solution for you.

Domain Registration and Hosting Assistance We do not provide domain registration or hosting services because there are already so many great providers out there at very low rates. We will happily provide free assistance to our web design customers. We will show you how to obtain a domain name (at a cost of less than $10/year) and how to find the right hosting company (from free to $5 or $10/month depending upon your needs). Most importantly, we will make sure you feel comfortable with the whole process. It's really easy!

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